Flawed by Design

 Crushing percussion supported by razor-sharp riffs and epic, engaging song-structure - Have been used to describe Flawed by Design, North Carolina's latest, most furious and faith-filled metal act. Attacking the listener with a one-two punch of relentless, abrasive instrumentation and lyrical tales of salvation and Spirit, these Carolinian Crushers are anything but the dictionary's definition of flawed.

Flawed by Design have been hard at work since their inception in late 2011 by guitarist Tony Greer and percussionist Shane Atkinson including spending some time on the Christian metal/punk label, Rottweiler Records. The band have built a following of loyal fans by forging ahead in the trenches of the underground music scene and opening for national artist Random Hero, Southbound Fearing, Islander and RED.


After some internal and external struggles and a short hiatus, Flawed by Design's concrete foundation are back with the deep, heavy bass sounds of Bobby Hoyle and the gritty, street-wise attack from vocalist  Nick Ellis. While the band's dark, metal influences might evoke images of anger, hate and malice, Flawed by Design's message is anything but. Telling tales of redemption, salvation and compassion, the quartet are a unique band who use their penchant for punishing riffs to reach out to fans of heavy music in order to spread their love of Christ. Under the expertise of producer Jamie King (For Today, Between the Buried and Me, My Children My Bride) Flawed by Design have recorded two new singles (Thief Among Kings, Keep it Steady) with their current line-up and are hard at work finishing material for their next full-length titled "Resurrection"